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Steve Rehder is the owner of HLM a Marin County company that provides 
landscape maintenance
Hi, I'm Steve Rehder, owner of Hummingbird Landscape Management (HLM).

Its been decades since my first job at Nurseryland Garden Centers in Southern California, the busiest Nursery in the country.

Now I'm in my 50s, and fortunate to have a home and family in Marin County, CA, where I work.

I still enjoy meeting different folks and working outside, still playing in the dirt.

Rehder Hummingbird

Times have changed for me and the green industry, since the '70s.

What started out as a young man with a pick-up full of mowers, edgers and tools is now more pick-ups, more and bigger mowers, and tools with a lot of paper saying I can do what I do - and MORE stuff thrown in to boot.
Rehder and his multipurpose truck
Back then, few were licensed and no one had ever heard of Micro irrigation or pressure compensating matched precipitation nozzles.

The green industry itself has changed. 

Its been educated and professionalized through university and private research, trade organizations like the CLCA, state licensing and consumer demand for excellence.
A landscapers tools today include:
  • laser levelers, 
  • cell phones, 
  • pagers, 
  • fax machines, 
  • PC, 
  • scanner and digital camera, 
  • e-mail & web site,
  • bit mapping, and 
  • 3D CAD (computer aided design) software.
The long and windy road...
Despite all the changes there's one thing that's remained the same: me.

I have always believed doing business is developing friendships. If the folks do not like you they wont hire you. That's why almost all of my business comes from personal referrals.

 I hope I can work for you someday. Contact me and lets talk landscaping!

landscape construction
landscape construction

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landscape construction
landscape construction



Hummingbird Landscape Management
Marin County, USA
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